Community Seed Bank for Native Seed Conservation

Like there is a temple in every village today, having a Seed Bank for Native Seeds is a necessity today to regain our Seed Sovereignty and become self sustainable

In 2016, we started this initiative to collect, cultivate, multiply and propagate our rich bio-diversified indigenous and native varieties of vegetable & crops of India. Our vision is to restore and popularize our vast diversified heirloom varieties of vegetables and crops among Indian farmers and home gardeners.

We believe that every farmer should have their own native seed bank in his farm which would make his farm self sustainable. We collected close to 180 rare and indigenous vegetable seed varieties in a very short span of time. We would like to thank local farmers and other like minded friends who helped us in our seed collection journey which has just began.

We started the heirloom vegetable garden in 20 cents of land at our farm. We collected seeds from native seed savers and seed banks across India. With the very minimal seeds obtained per variety, we raised the garden from saplings and direct sowing. Since all these seeds were native varieties, they adapted well to our local environment and grew well than our expectation. We harvested the entire batch for seeds and started distribution of these native varieties to interested home gardeners and farmers across India.

  • Eight varieties of Native Paddy varieties harvested in 2018

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In continuation to our effort to collect and distribute native seeds, we always longed to build a natural building for storing the seeds using indigenous storage techniques practiced in India for centuries. As result, we started our first Community Seed Bank project in June 2018 in association with Thannal Hand Sculpted Home ( who volunteered to design and build for us at our farm in Tamil Nadu. This project was designed by Mr.Biju Bhaskar, Thannal. We successfully inaugurated the Community Seed Bank on 9th Feb 2020.

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