Project Mission:

  • To collect, preserve, multiply and propagate our native bio diversified native seed varieties among farmers and home gardeners.
  • To bring back and popularize our native vegetables and crops varieties to local markets which are at present dominated with hybrids and GMO.
  • To create awareness about low cost, natural, healthy, alternative buildings built using locally available building materials from natural resources.

“Like there is a temple in every village today, having a seed bank for native seeds is a necessity today to regain our Seed Sovereignty and our Cultural Heritage.”

About the project:

The community seed bank’s built-up area is 1380sq ft and will be made from 100% natural building materials. Indigenous seed storage methods and techniques will be used for seed preservation. It is to be constructed in an acre of organic farm land which is dedicated for cultivating and production of open pollinated native vegetable and crops varieties.

  • Project built Area: 1340 sq ft
  • Current Project Status: Nearing completion as of Dec 2019
Who is building it for us?
Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes a natural building awareness group have free-willed and designed 1340 sq ft structure for preserving native seeds.

Community Seed Bank for Native Seeds

Community Seed Bank for native (Heirloom) seeds பாரம்பரிய முறைப்படி கட்டப்படும் மரபு விதை பண்ணைThis is our new proposed Community Seed Bank project to preserve and propagate native vegetable seeds of India.. Create awareness about native seeds and rich biodiversity of India to students, farmers and consumers.This would be a100% Natural Green Building ?. Built using locally available building materials. It has taken us a considerable time to find the local mazon and craftsmen who have expertises on mud/cob buildings. We will be using traditional methods and techniques to preserve seeds and prevent it from spoilage. We are very much excited to work on this project. We would like to take this moment to thank Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes Mr. Biju Bhaskar and his team for helping us with the building design and construction and bring our dream into reality.Thank you all for your support and constructive comments. We welcome everyone who are interested in this project and willing put their hands in this mud/cob building construction.#nativeseedbank#communityseedbank#mudhomes#cobhomes#heirloomseeds

Posted by Rangamalai Organic Farms – Manvasanai on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Would you love to volunteer?
We have volunteers from Thannal helping us in this projects. We also welcome volunteers who love to dirty their hands in constructing this community seed bank project and thereby learn Natural Building Construction, Natural Farming and Miyawaki tree plantation methodology.

Volunteer Registration: Click here to register yourself for volunteering.

CSB Construction update as on 7th Feb 2019

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