Rangamalai Organic Farms is an integrated and self-sufficient organic farm nestled in the picturesque foothills of Rangamalai, Vellayampatti, Aravakurichi Taluk, Karur, Tamil Nadu, India. We have been cultivating and producing high-quality, toxin-free food since 2015. Our farm practices are rooted in traditional farming techniques while utilizing cutting-edge farming technologies such as micro-irrigation and farm automation. This approach helps us to tackle the challenges of modern farming and promote agriculture as a profitable and sustainable business.

Our farm provides various services such as Farm Education, Ecological Conservation, Farm Internship Programs, Community Farming, Community Seed Banks, and Farm Consultation Services. We take pride in sharing our surplus food with our community, and our social media presence is geared towards sharing our knowledge and best practices with others interested in self-sustainable farming.

At Rangamalai Organic Farms, we believe that agriculture is one of the most beautiful and profitable businesses on earth. We are committed to implementing and sharing natural farming techniques and practices to encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Selling Farm Produce Directly to Consumers Under Our Registered Brand “Manvasanai” meaning “smell of earth“. We sell all of our farm produce and value-added farm products directly to consumers. As farmers, we take pride in providing quality goods to our customers under our registered brand name.


At our core, we are committed to restoring ecological balance and promoting self-sufficient, sustainable living through off-the-grid farming.


To achieve our mission, we have set the following objectives:

Utilize Indigenous Natural farming methods and best practices to produce high-quality food.
Educate the younger generation about natural farming and sustainable living through our ROF Learn Farming Initiatives.
Provide affordable, quality food to all through our ROF Community Farming program.
Conserve and propagate our biodiverse Native/Heirloom seeds through our Community Seed Bank initiative.

Recognition for Our Agriculture Services and Programs

Our work in agriculture has received widespread recognition from a variety of sources, including media outlets, business schools, agricultural communities, and universities specializing in horticulture and agriculture. Our innovative farming business model, community seed bank, and Farm Internship Program have earned accolades from organizations such as KVK-ICAR and the United Nations’ One Planet Network.