We collect, cultivate and propagate indigenous and rare heirloom varieties of  seeds among home gardeners and farmers. Our seeds are not Hybrids and are not Genetically Engineered seeds. We collect the seeds from the local Indian farming communities and villages where ever the native seeds are preserved, we then cultivate it and multiply the seeds in our farms in Tamil Nadu. All these seeds are grown using natural farming methods with Zero Pesticides and Zero Chemical fertilizers. We believe in Seed Sovereignty. The Heirloom (Native) Seeds are the solution to it. 

Our vision is to restore and popularize our vast diversified native varieties of vegetables and crops among Indian farmers, Terrace gardeners and consumers.

Browse through our heirloom seed catalog to find the rich diversified varieties of vegetables and cereal crops of India.

We propagate these native vegetable varieties as http://stemcellprofessionals.com/stem-cell-therapy-speeds-recovery/ saplings to farmers. To pre-order and for queries please call us in +91-8105311882