The goal of this internship program is to achieve win-win state for both farmers and the interns/Volunteers. During the internship program, the interns stay with us at the farm, live as farmer and manage the farm operation end to end themselves, thereby the interns learns and gain confidence to build and manage his/her own farm in future. Lead a self sustainable farming and living.

How does this internship help you?

This internship program would give the interns detailed insight and field experiences on:

  • Holistic approach to manage and maintain a fully integrated organic farm.
  • The interns can experience the natural farming as a way of life. Healthier lifestyle with good physical work, good food and good sleep.
  • Hands on experience in micro irrigation and farm mechanization tools.
  • Learn and practice organic natural farming techniques and best practices.
  • Organic manure, Fertilizer and pest repellent preparation.
  • Practice Seed collection, segregation, classification and indigenous storage methods.
  • Values of Self Sustainable farming and living.
  • Learn how to lead a minimalistic lifestyle and choose natural alternatives for their personal needs.
  • Interns would be involved in Natural buildings being constructed at the farm. (Based on the ongoing projects)
  • Value addition of products, packaging and direct sales and marketing as farmers.
  • Opportunity to grow, value add and sell the product directly to customers.
  • Farm visits to other nearby farms to learn different farming best practices.
  • Learn lot about local medicinal herbs around them which can replace the first aid kids at home.
  • Manage and operate Farm Stores and Seed Bank.

Program Duration: 30 to 45 days or Long term – 3 months

Participants: 1 to 3

Accommodation: We provide basic free accommodation at our farm house.

Food: Interns need to self cook during the stay. we do provide them kitchen space with basic groceries. Additional groceries needs to be purchased by the interns. Vegetables can be take from the kitchen garden but its subject to availability.

Who can Apply?

  • Anyone who are passionate towards natural farming and living are welcome.
  • Anyone who have a positive attitude, open mind to take up farm challenges and can spend more time on field work.
  • We welcome students, professionals and interested farmers.
  • We expect the interns to have prior understanding about the fundamentals of natural farming learn through training’s, workshops or self learning.


  • The intern would be managing the entire farm and its operations from the grass root level during the internship period. Like managing cattle, poultry, seed bank, Farm store, farm work, packaging, marketing and supervising etc.
  • We expect the interns to have an open and positive mindset to take up challenges at the field and work towards the solution.
  • For safety, interns much bring the following:
    • Please carry your emergency medicine if and when required.
    • Carry your own hat, garden glove and gum boot
    • Please carry your own water bottles, blanket, bed sheets and towel.
    • To document work, please carry your laptop with internet dongle. (Reliance Jio / Airtel works fine).

Farm Internship Certificate: We issue I AM FARMER certificate for the candidates who successfully complete the internship program.


ROF Farm Internship Program (FIP) Batch –  16 ( March/April 2021)

Program Highlights:

Apart from the regular routine farm works, interns would be majorly working on the Community Seed Bank, Farmer Market. Implement various tested drought management techniques at the farm to tackle the upcoming summer months. 

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