India is an agricultural country as the major occupation in rural India is Agriculture. Before the Green revolution, every farmer in India was practicing only natural organic farming and also farming has been his way of life. Availability of good quality food wasn’t an issue back then. Since farming was a way of life they didn’t bother to document their indigenous farming methods and best practices.

Today after the intrusion of chemical fertilizer, hybrid / GMO seeds into our Indian Agricultural sector, farming became very painful and loss for many farmers. Many farmers and their children have quit farming and chosen different profession for their lively hood.

End result is we lost our rich bio-diversified seeds and good quality food. If this situation continues, we would be facing a severe food shortage in the near future.

So its need of the hour for us to get back to our roots and start growing our own food either at our home garden or at our farm land. Its welcoming and promising to see many youngsters from different professions inclined towards organic farming and willing to start farming.

The major challenges they face are lack of farming documentation or guidance on how to do organic natural farming, where to start, etc..

We started this initiative to document our real time experience, learning and challenges that we encountered at our farms, so that it would help the next generation young farmers and farming aspirants.

Our Farm Educational Services are as follows: