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Who are we?
We are a couple of engineers passionate towards Natural Organic Farming and Permaculture, started this as an initiative to bring back the ecological balance and lead a self-sufficient and self-sustainable living. We started this farm in 2015.

We Grow Our Own Organic Food…
We imply Permaculture techniques and Traditional farming best practices in our farms combining with latest agricultural technologies to produce quality and healthy good food. We feed our family and we distribute the rest to our community.

We Grow Indigenous Varieties… 
We collect and cultivate all indigenous crop & vegetable varieties which majorly includes Small onion, Groundnut (Peanuts), Paddy, Red Chilly, Pulses/Legumes, Oil Crops and all desi vegetables.

Our Native Cattle & Poultry farm…

We house a backyard poultry farm with some of the Indian Indigenous poultry breeds such as Asil (Fighter cock) and Kadaknath (Black Meat Chicken), turkey,etc We also have a cattle farm to raise Indian Native cattle breeds such as Kangeyam, Umbalacherry, Alambaadi, Pulikullam etc.

Our Heirloom Seed Bank & Nursery.. (NO to Hybrid & GMO Seeds)

An initiative to collect, propagate and exchange indigenous and rare vegetable & crop varieties of India. Our vision is to restore and popularize our vast diversified heirloom varieties of vegetables and crops among Indian farmers and consumers. Experience the diversified crop varieties of India.

NO Pesticides and NO Chemical Fertilizer…

We make our own Organic Manure and Pest repellent such as Panchagavya, Ganajevamirtham, Amirthakarisal, Egg Amino Acid, Fish amino acid and Agnihastra to promote plant growth and manage and control pest. Our cattle source us all the raw materials for the organic manure and pest repellent preparation.

Natural Farming & Consulting
We provide natural farming consultation to people or group who are passionate towards farming.

Fully Integrated Natural Farming & Natural Building

Both Natural farming and Natural Building are interlinked and Natural Building is integral part of any farm land. We build, educate and promote natural buildings which are breathable healthy home and stays strong for centuries.

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